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For bookings and inquiries please email 


Please include details about your project

(ie: Studio recording, Film Shoot, Rehearsals etc.)

Studio policies

*20% deposit required for all sessions.

*We will keep your deposit if you cancel your long-term session less than 12 days in

advance or your short-term session less than 48 hours in advance.

*A standard Studio Lockout is 10 hours, unless agreed upon otherwise.

*Billing starts at the time the session is booked – Overtime at standard hourly rate.

* We assume no risk and make no guarantees for the safety of client’s equipment or materials.

*We are not responsible for data left on premises, either the dissemination of said data or loss thereof.

*Any and all damage to the building/equipment during use of the facility by client and/or their visitors

is the sole legal and financial responsibility of the client. 

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